Coiffe Decoiffe

The DESSANGE signature is the “Coiffé Décoiffé” look, which was invented in the 80s. This cutting technique has something for everyone: modernity, easy maintenance and simple styling. Hair is tousled and mussed, radiating with vitality and accompanying every moment of a woman’s life so that she is “neither entirely the same nor entirely different”.

Part of the brand’s history, the iconic Coiffé Décoiffé has a square base and is built on star-shaped tapering that follows natural hair implantation and movement. A cut springs to life when a woman moves her head, so hair should follow this movement. Often copied but never equaled, the Coiffé-Décoiffé is the DESSANGE brand signature and is reworked for each new collection.

Every day in DESSANGE salons around the world, our experts use the pioneering DESSANGE techniques that are taught only in our training centers. These techniques take their inspiration from the world of high fashion: the head is considered as a whole, as an object in three dimensions. This type of cut serves as a basis for the work of the colorist.

Coiffe Decoiffe
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