Californian Blonde

Since the creation of inimitable Californian Blonde that has built its reputation as having expertise related to this color, DESSANGE has continuously reinterpreted Blonde with the same will to brighten up the faces of women: whether polar, solar, vanilla, sandy or nude, DESSANGE Blondes are unmistakable.

DESSANGE feels that color technique is an independent specialty and was the first to create the profession of colorist. As is the case for cutting, coloring methods are specific to DESSANGE salons and are taught only in DESSANGE training centers.

The Californian Balayage, is done using a brush in the open air on long hair. It is applied to the hair surface and not in depth to obtain darker roots and lighter tips. This “patented” DESSANGE technique gives a natural, sunny look for a “just back from vacation” effect. This timeless technique is reinvented for each collection.

To create a Californian Balayage on all hair lengths and colors, other techniques have been developed. The Techno Balayage, for example, creates a Californian Blond for short hair. Hair is teased and color is added by hand along the length and at the tips.

Balayage is always done in the open air and without using paper , so that the colorist can work the color according to the cut line and inspired by hair movement. In this way, the colorist accents the cut and adapts to the way hair will grow out.

For every clients, a dual personalization of their color: first, through the creation of a made-to-measure mix of the color product with plant milk and, as a final touch, with a personalized patina made from a Natural Pigma color optimizer shampoo base.

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